Tourism and Culture

Israel has been one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. Most tourist has been curious and fascinated with the richness of Israel’s culture, specifically because of its vast history of religion. Having where some of the major religion in the world originated, namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, there is no doubt that Israel greatly influenced the world.


Transcending Culture

A lot of countries and continents has already reached by its rich literary works in religion, such as the Bible, Torah, and Koran. No wonder why a lot of people are interested in visiting the country. As for a lot of Christian tourists, they long to see and witness the historical places that were stated in the bible, especially the places where Jesus, the Messiah, believed to be gone from.

Influence of Culture to Other Countries

israelWe, in Go-Kahlon, believe and fight for harmonious and peaceful connections and partnerships with the other country. Thus, welcoming tourists and sharing our culture with them is one of our advocacies alongside supporting also their tourism systems. One of these countries is The Netherlands. The Netherlands, also been a top tourist destination, specifically Amsterdam. The city has been made famous for its amazing Amsterdam top sightseeing and enjoyable Amsterdam city trip. The city has been popularized also by the Amsterdam Heineken experience, a must-see special brewery tour, where you can treat your taste buds for a lot of beer lovers and Amsterdam canal tour, a must-see and great way to experience and witness the history, landscape, and culture of the city. The city is also known for its historical works of arts, as in the city can be found Van Gogh museum, it has the largest collection of the works of the popular and renowned artist, Vincent van Gogh.

In promoting and supporting tourism of other countries, our advocacy of peaceful and harmonious partnerships with other countries has been strengthening thus creating a give and take and healthy relationship between Israel and other countries. Giving Israel a platform where it can share and spread its influence of traditions, cultures, economy, and commerce to a lot of country.