We, at Go-Kahlon, believe in the strong influence and impact of Israel to the rest of the world. We believe in the strengths and talents of its people. We support every Israeli’s right and pride; thus, we are in support of fighting for what is best for the nation and its people.

We believe in the importance of Israel’s contribution to the growth of society. However, we, at Go-Kahlon, believe also that these gifting that Israel has must be shared and be of help to the society, with humility and peaceful communion with the other countries.

What we offer

We, at Go-Kahlon, exist to support and hone Israel and be of help also to the other nation. We believe, Israel as a promised land must be a help and advocate of peace to the other nation as well. We exist in fighting for the betterment of Israel and its people, may it be in the country’s political, religious or commercial aspect.

We, at Go-Kahlon, exist also to fight for peaceful partnerships and harmonious relationship with other nation. We exist to partner with other countries’ pride and promote them. We believe that by influencing the world, we must share and be open to other countries cultures and views. Thus, we are helping also other countries in promoting their culture through their tourism and other commercial activities, which resulted in the development and growth of both countries. In partnering with other organizations, we are giving also some coupon codes on products, discounts on Amsterdam city pass and Madame Tussaud museum, and also some tips for a cheap night in Amsterdam and dinner cruise in Amsterdam.